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Personality Training Programs

Highlight Buddies Leadership Club (Age 3-5 Yrs)

Highlight Kiddies Leadership Club (Age 6-8 Yrs)

Highlight Juniors Leadership Club (Age 9-14 Yrs)

The Life Game

Memory Plus for Juniors

Exam Secrets for Juniors

Wisdom International Pre-School & Day Care Centre - WIPS

Parents Dreams

Personality Training Programs

Highlight Buddies Leadership Club (Age 3-5 yrs)

This Personality & Leadership Training workshop is for the kids of age 3 – 5 years.

This is the period that the personality of a child starts to develop. Due to the exposure of various improper experience at home, pre-school or society, harmful negative inhibitions start to grow in a child. As a result, the child will become an adult with shyness, hesitation, stage fright & weak personality.

This program is developed on various fun-filled activities, to help your child to have a strong personality & to make him/ her confident person.

The foundation for a better personality will be laid in your child by participating this program

Highlight Kiddies Leadership Club (Age 6-8 yrs)

This workshop is for the kids of age 6 – 8 years. In this program, your child is trained to face the challenges at school and at classes while developing leadership, personality, sportiness and also to get rid of stage fright. This training will include,

Creative activities to enhance confidence
Basic steps in Public Speaking
Confidence to go forward
Confidence to sing & dance
Confidence to use the English language
Visual, auditory activities to improve their learning & listening skills
Many other topics suitable for relevant category

Highlight Juniors Leadership Club (Age 9-14 yrs)

There are several programs conducted for the children of above age category.

Confidence Champ

This program as designed by Dr. Kuma, uses creative activities to enhance confidence, enable public speaking and build that all important confidence to go forward, to sing and dance without any phobias, including the use of the English language.

Confidence Champ program will give your child the Confidence
To go forward and make speeches in public
To make presentations
To use the English that he/she already knows
To score highest marks from term tests
To be a great leader from childhood
To be the number one in their chosen field in the future
To face any challenge in life without any fear
To be outstanding in class, school & win the hearts of parents & teachers

The Life Game

The Life Game for Kids will prepare your child to go through the many challenges in life with ultimate confidence. As any experienced parent realizes, staying ahead and excelling at the game of life takes a good deal of effort and is a psychological process that defines a child's leadership qualities on the home front, school and in the country that they will live in.

This program will help & train the child to,

  • Awaken the hidden potentials of the child.
  • Make the child ready to go through all challenges in life with ultimate confidence.
  • Achieve the highest marks & best results in all school examinations.
  • Go forward & be outstanding in everything he/ she does.

Memory Plus for Juniors

As your child progresses through this plan of continuous development, watch as they achieve remarkable results in school, from interactions with classmates and teachers to their performance at examinations.

  • Training the techniques to easily remember anything you want to remember
  • Learning the reasons of forgetting & how to avoid absent mindedness
  • Training Simple & practical Techniques to learn & remember various subjects easily
  • Training physical & mental exercises to improve memory automatically
  • Training the techniques to have a long term memory with regard to the subjects & other various things that the child learns.

Exam Secrets for Juniors

  • Study for any exam by using latest study techniques rather than getting exhausted of studies
  • Get highest marks from all the exams
  • Learn how to get the maximum use of the time available for studies
  • Be an obedient child who is loved by the parents & teachers
  • Getting the child out of negative habits such as watching TV too much, playing computer games & being addicted to the computer…etc.

Wisdom International Pre-School & Day Care Centre - WIPS

Our Pre-school provides a methodical, formal, psychological pre-school education at a calm and clean environment fully equipped with all the necessary items such as swings, sand pit, play house and water play items.

All the teaching and practical activities are conducted in English medium by our team of well trained bilingual teachers.

Parents Dreams

Your child is a born hero. You need to help him/ her to have the born hero qualities when he/she becomes an adult. Parents Dreams program will teach you all basics of Parental Psychology in a very simple format.

In this program you will learn how to make your child an outstanding leader wherever he/she stands.

Also, in this program, you will understand the reasons & solutions for issues related your children such as addiction to TV & computer games, stubbornness, too much naughtiness, lack of confidence to go forward, misusing internet, lack of obedience, laziness to study, refusing to go to school, fear of exams & competitions, getting low marks for some subjects…etc