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Highlight Kiddies Leadership Club

Personality & Leadership Training for kids of age 6-8

Memory Plus & Exam Secrets Juniors

Pics of Memory Plus & Exam Secrets programs for juniors held in last April

Highlight Buddies Leadership Club

Personality Training & Leadership Training Program for kids of age 3-5 Yrs

Highlight Buddies & Kiddies

Leadership Training Programs for Kids of ages 3-5 Yrs & 6-8 Yrs

The Life Game

The Life Game- upcoming event on 30th August 2011 Fun & Learning for your kids in August vacation

Highlight Buddies & Kiddies Sessions

Highlight Buddies & Kiddies Sessions

WEST plus WISDOM - Ultimate Life Mastery Hilton Day

Parents' Dreams

Spoken English with Personality Training-SEPT Intensive