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What kind of courses / programs do you conduct?

We conduct a wide range of courses on English, English Literature, Personality Training and Music.

Are there evening courses for working people?

Yes we do have courses for working professionals in the evening as well as on weekends.

What's the duration of a course / program?

Courses have various durations starting from one-day workshops to 4 month courses. After the placement test & the interview you will be comprehensively informed about the course.

How should I enroll for a course / workshop?

Please contact us or fill the enquiry form in the contact page to place an appointment for a placement test. For kids under the age of 12, it will be an oral interview. For others, there will be a short written test in addition to the interview. After the placement test, you will be assigned to a course depending on your current level of language fluency.

Do you award a certificate?

Yes. On successful completion of the course, you'll be awarded a certificate certified by Dr. Kuma Iddamallena.

What is the payment structure?

The payment structure varies according to the course / program. Please contact our customer care hotline for specific payment details.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. We have early bird discounts for early registrations for courses.
Discounts are given for same family members who are joining our courses.
You can join some courses FREE by introducing 3 members for the same courses.

How should I do the payments?

You can do the payment at our front office or deposit in our banks. Please contact the customer care department for further details regarding payments.

How frequently are new courses started?

New kids courses usually start in January; however the intake of new students is available throughout the year. Please check for new info in the announcement section in our website or contact us.

Who are the teachers?

All our teachers are trained by Dr. Kuma Iddamallena. They undergo continuous training throughout their teaching career, under close examination by Dr. Kuma.