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Courses for Adults

Spoken English for Adults

This is a program for adult students above 16 years of age, and it varies from Elementary Level to Advanced Level. Duration of each level will be 4 months.

It is a continuous learning process where any student can join the most suitable level according to their present English knowledge & improve themselves from there onwards until they become excellent in their English Speech, Reading, Elocution, Composition, Grammar, Literature, Public Speaking and Personality & Confidence.

This course will also train you on the areas such as Social Etiquette, Leadership Training and Social Singing & Dancing for you to be an outstanding leader wherever you go.

Spoken English with Personality Training - SEPT

Spoken English with Personality Training – SEPT in workshop model with entertaining practical activities will be your foundation level to be a fluent English Speaker with an Outstanding Personality.This program is conducted both in 3 days version as well as in 3 months. In this program you will,

  • Be comfortable in speaking English by improving your Elocution & Pronunciation.
  • Learn what to say & how to say things appropriately in English in daily conversations.
  • Practice dialogues & conversations to train yourself to become fluent in English Speech.
  • Train on practical Grammar areas such as, Verbs, Tenses, Adjectives, Adverbs, Six Patterns, Pro nouns, Prepositions, Direct/ Indirect Speech, Tag Questions to improve your Grammar & to speak with your friends & colleagues without the fear of making mistakes.
  • Improve your listening skills with fun activities.
  • Learn Effective words & how to use them with right expressions.
  • Improve your basic awareness on Effective Speaking & Reading.
  • Learn basic etiquette- greeting/ introducing/ orientation…etc. to have excellent fellowship with others

Higher Proficiency in Spoken English – HPSE

This is an ideal program for you to learn how to speak English that you already know effectively & confidently. It will be a quantum leap from basic level of English Speaking to an Advanced level. This program is conducted in 2 versions: 4 day Intensive program & 3 months program. In this program you will,

  • Improve your fluency in English in Professional & Business Communication.
  • Train your mouth for speaking standard English by practicing proper pronunciation of words, accent in words, rhythm in sentences, voice projection, vowel/ consonant sounds, inflection/intonation, emphasis, phonetic sounds & symbols..etc.
  • Practice Standard English Vs colloquial rural English.
  • Be confident in pronouncing English in right accent & rhythm without using too much Sinhala/Tamil based accent & pronunciation.
  • Be more fluent in English than now and you will feel an unbelievable level of English language flow when you speak.
  • Know how to emphasize & where to emphasize when you speak to make the listener clearer about the subject you speak.
  • Gain confidence to do a presentation in front of a group of people in English without hesitation & fear.
  • Understand the standard conversational English used in BBC, CNN & other international channels.
  • Step up to the next level of your English Speech efficiency.

This program will make you extraordinarily confident in your English Speech that you will be able to speak in English at your office, at functions & in all occasions with a beautiful flow of language.

Business English

This 3 months program prepares you with the modern tools in Business English, so you will learn how to prepare your professional letters, emails, reports and memos according to professional standards.

You also will be taught how to carry out a professional communication with managers, colleagues and customers in an effective manner with confidence.

In addition to that, you will be benefited with better presentation skills to make your presence highlighted as an effective presenter in meetings.

Further in this program, you will learn topics such as participation in meetings, Business Vocabulary, Advanced Grammar & its usage, Basic business communication, writing skills in business situations, interview techniques & development of Presentation Skills.

Diploma in English

This is a unique Diploma in English which can help you to master your English beautifully in all aspects….Reading, Writing, Speaking, Pronouncing and Listening & Comprehension. This course is completely activity based and conducted in a workshop model. You can learn the following in a completely practical way without learning unwanted theory.

Business English and Composition

  • How to write your CV, business letters, e-mails, SMS messages and day-to-day office memos, essays, paragraphs, chapters, news bulletins, etc.

English Literature

  • Poetry and prose, learn to read, understand, appreciate and write poems, verses and short stories

Effective Reading

  • Learn emphasizing, pausing, inflection and intonation
  • News and documentary reading

Advanced English Grammar

  • Gain confidence in using prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, clauses, phrases, phrasal verbs and special patterns of sentences.
  • Build your vocabulary and improve your word power with higher level of communication skills.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

  • How to make on-stage presentations effectively in front of small and large audiences.
  • How to make speeches in parties, functions, weddings, funerals and all other occasions.

Speech and Drama

  • How to get your inner voice out by practicing speech and drama activities.
  • Voice projection, phonics, elocution, powerful presentation styles including soliloquies, poetry, drama, dialogues and conversations.

Spoken English for Kids

Prime objective of these courses is to mould your child into a bold, sociable, English speaking person with an outstanding personality. Students will be grouped according to their current level of English knowledge after an oral interview. Any child above 2 ½ years of age can join this course.

The children will learn the following areas while continuously improving both spoken & written aspects of the English language.

  • English Speaking
  • English Pronunciation
  • English Grammar
  • Etiquette
  • Listening and Comprehension
  • Making presentations
  • Community building
  • Communication skills development
  • Eliminating stage fright

English Literature Courses
Learn literature to brush up your English
Learn literature for exams
Learn literature to be an advanced speaker

Our English Literature classes for beginners, O/L & A/L students assist you to

  • Practice the style of writing answers to score more marks at the literature exams.
  • Train yourself how to write answers for literature questions.
  • Cover up English Literature syllabus for O/L and A/L exams.
  • Learn, read and understand poetry, novels, short stories, songs, anecdotes, idioms, phrases and verses.

Elocution, Speech & Drama Courses

You can study at our institute for London Examinations in Speech & Drama & receive British Certification for each level from Kindergarten to Diploma.

You can be superbly fluent in Spoken English & master your English speech wonderfully from childhood to adulthood by following our Elocution & Speech & Drama courses.

The total immersion course on elocution will guide you or your child to speak Standard English with correct pronunciation, accent and rhythm with ultimate confidence & impact.

Listeners will admire your English speech anytime, everywhere.

Music Classes

We offer a wide array of music classes for kids, school leavers and adults. If you are interested in playing any musical instrument please contact us now!